Secret to retaining that client

Retaining clients is one of the challenge every company ( big or small company) faces ,but for small & medium size  companies its even more crucial, as building up on clients gives us the credibility.

During one of my client projects at a medium size company , i came across 2 girls – Tanya & Shreya

Tanya & Shreya were both high performers , had tremendous potential but Tanya had 90 % client retention & Shreya had hardly 5% .

Shreya was a good employee to be lost and had we lost her – there would be a huge cost involved

Through my analysis – i found that Shreya shared no connect with the company, on the other hand Tanya was emotionally connected with the company & had the urge of giving back more than expected to the company &  hence her connect with the clients was super

So the secret ingredient not only for my client company but for all SME is  connect connect & connect ..  and of course use innovative ways of doing the same

One of the easiest ways, most interesting and fun ways is the story telling way

Communicate your vision, your awesome start of the company with your employees in a form of a story . They will enjoy listening to you, develop a connect with the company  & will have  the same passion as you hold for the company

See this little prezi on how story telling can be useful for connecting with employees

So go on – Grab some coffee – build some characters & tell your story 🙂

Enjoy building your idea culture

To know more on this – you can connect with me .


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