How monotonous boring job is made interesting

Ruby receptionist

A job as a virtual receptionist at a call center could feel impersonal and repetitive at some companies. But employees who work at Ruby Receptionists say the company goes to great lengths to keep them happy and help create a warm, fun feel. Thanks in no small part to activities such as regular dress-up days, handwritten thank-you notes from coworkers, and $100 bonuses just for showing up for a shift on Mondays, employees describe Ruby Receptionists as a friendly place to work, where people care about each other and celebrate special events. Every time a “Ruby” gets a compliment from a client, it’s emailed to the entire company (often followed by a string of congratulations from other Rubys). Inspired by positive psychology research, Chief Executive Officer Jill Nelson encourages employees to keep compliments such as hand-written notes from a coworker or client in a “Smile File” that they get during their first week on the job. Employees spread the joy to their community, as they receive $5 an hour for volunteer work and get dollar-for-dollar matches for charitable contributions

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