Why me ? – Gauri Palekar

I take a different approach than most HR consultants.

  • I don’t believe in traditional HR practices. I believe in creating a positive culture and implementing simple & creative HR initiatives that help you to connect with your team
  • I believe that only positive culture will help you build an awesome team & help your company grow
  • I share ideas, techniques that don’t require huge investments
  • I don’t just design processes – I help you implement them



I started my career with a big MNC and was lucky to have interacted with the people at the ground level. Soon, I realized that despite having the best HR practices people were disappointed. Looking at my friends & colleagues, I realized that people were disengaged even with all the perks available. So donning my Shelock hat, I did an extensive research, studied people, spoke to experts and came up with a system. This system – that now helps many small companies achieve their success. This system – is what is required to create a strong team

While everybody uses jargons & talks about organization behavior, mission statement, organization diagnosis for creating the perfect team, Let’s be honest :

  • Almost nobody uses it the way it should be used unless of course you are a cash rich company
  • Growing companies don’t want to waste time in understanding these jargons let alone use them
  • Most HR processes are implemented on a reactive basis



Imagine your workspace; where you don’t have to tell employees what to do- they take up responsibilities on their own, where they are confident of interacting with the clients directly and more importantly you can go on a vacation without worrying about how the work will be handled – this can happen only when you have a positive culture.


So my chief aim is to help companies like yours to transform into a positive work space and create strong and collaborative teams. I believe we have to make a cultural shift from archaic HR processes to simple positive culture approach.  This shift is the only way that will help a growing company move ahead in the required direction.



Contact me to work together to help your awesome company become awesomer (we know the word does not exist, But we want to achieve more than awesome with our work    )

If you prefer to write before you strike a phone conversation then  shoot an email to me at gauri@sumanceshr.com

You can know more about us on







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