How forming a workplace tribe can connect your team to the company’s vision

Create a hype with your tribe


We belong to one of these groups – school friends, college friends, friends from a place of religious worship, friends from an activity class, cousins or building friends. We love to meet them, talk with them and we feel comfortable around them. When we are stressed, we look forward to spending time with these people, as they provide the much needed relief and act as our stress busters – We together make a tribe and knowingly, unknowingly belong to one of these tribes.

At the core, humans are tribal. We are wired to belong to a community. Based on our likes, dislikes, values, status, goals etc we connect with others. This strong cohesion helps us survive and meet challenges as a group.

Experiments conducted by psychologists have revealed how swiftly people divide into groups and then discriminate in favor of the one to which they belong. In a tribe the survival of an individual depends on the survival of the group. This means we always want to belong to a group, connect and work together.

The tribe culture exists even in workplaces. Most often people say they leave their job for a higher salary. But research has proven that individuals leave jobs not for money but for people. When they don’t feel connected or don’t get along with people, they break away from the company. Irrespective of you giving shape, employees of your company will form small groups and belong to one of them. The best thing to do is to take advantage and create one tribe that employees can call their community and have pride in.

Giving a structure to the existing workplace tribe is the best engagement tool for you as an entrepreneur. Forming a tribe in the workplace will help you not only in connecting with your teams but also in winning their loyalties.


How a community culture can inspire your team to come to work everyday ?

If they belong to your company tribe – they will trust you more; feel relaxed and will align to the goals of your company.

Seth Godin in his book ‘Tribes: we need you to lead us’ said – “human beings can’t help it. We need to belong. One of the most powerful of our survival mechanisms is to be part of a tribe, to contribute to (and take from) a group of likeminded people.


Using the psychology of tribe, you can create a team of passionate people. Here are 3 Guerrilla HR ideas on how to create a tribe in your workplace. These are simple ideas that can be easily implemented. If done in the right manner with the right intent, you will see tremendous change in the motivation and performance levels of your employees.


Match the values – People look for something similar to belong to a group. Likes and dislikes are based on the individual values that we stand for. Hence, it is very important to match the values of the company to the values of individuals working in your company. If there is a mis-match in the values, the person will never belong to your tribe and will always be an outsider.


Shared team goals – People want to work together towards a goal. They want to feel a sense of achievement. They want to be part of something bigger. This feeling can only come if there are shared goals. One of the important things that bind a tribe together is pride. Pride comes from achievement of shared goals. People depend on each other to achieve the goals. In a tribe, there is no competition but a sense of working together and surviving through challenges. Hence, create team goals with achievable outcomes.


Make it fun –   When we belong to a group we all have an inside joke that only the group members understand and can laugh at. This creates a sense of strong connect. Similarly, at your workplace have an inside joke, create a language (words) that only your team can understand and have a good laugh at. Make belonging to your company tribe fun.


‘Find people who not only tolerate your quirks, but celebrate them with cries of “Me too! “

Be sure to cherish them, because those wierdos are your tribe.”


Create a positive culture




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