A Fruit Seller’s Fable


Create a high value score and make people come back for more.


One sunny afternoon I walked down to the nearest coffee shop to grab myself a cup of hot coffee. While I sat there sipping on my coffee, I saw this young boy selling fruits on the side of the street.  He was about 16 years old and was giving every 30 year old fruit seller in the area a tough competition.  His stall was flocked by people while the fruit stalls around him were all desolate. I observed him for a while and saw a pattern.  This little boy was analyzing every person who came to his stall. He had a little chit-chat with them before the actual buying & selling process. I saw him having a casual dialogue with them , ‘how are you doing’, ‘why are you coming after so long’, ‘how are your kids doing’ etc were some of the questions he asked. He engaged them in a conversation, asked them what they wanted, sold exactly the fruits they wanted and ensured that every person left the stall with a smile on their face. I observed him for an hour doing the same thing. He was interacting with every individual with the same enthusiasm, giving them the best quality fruits and making them happy.

The boy could have just sold fruits, without putting an extra effort of engaging them in a friendly banter, or sorting out the best quality fruits to give them.  He could have earned more by mixing the over-ripe fruits with the fresh ones without them noticing, but the boy was creating value.  In a monotonous job of selling fruits, he was adding value to his customers and making the entire process worth more than just a few hundred rupees spent. This led to more people thronging his stall rather than the ones in the close vicinity.

This boy further strengthened my belief – that creating value is the only way that can get you at the top of your game.

How many of us actually give importance to creating value at work. Most entrepreneurs start off with a strong purpose,but as the company grows this purpose is slowly drowned in the vast amount of operational activities. The value is reduced to delivering good quality products/services. However, creating value is much more than this. In a company, it cannot be created in silos, it has to be a combined effort that adds value to all the stakeholders.

When you create value for your employees and give them a purpose , they  in turn ensure that they create more value for your stakeholders. To create value for your team ensure that your employees are aware of why they are doing a particular job, what is the purpose of their work and how are they contributing to the final outcome. They should be given regular feedback on how much value  they are adding to all the stakeholders, recognize  & appreciate them for their contribution.  Develop them continuously through learning & development and ensure that they are growing along the way as company grows.

5 ways to create value for your team

  • Align your team with the company’s purpose and ensure everyone believes in it
  • Have shared values & goals as a team
  • Have a casual chit-chat with your team or on an individual basis for at least 10 minutes and know more about them (from work life to personal life )
  • Ensure that every employee is comfortable in the work environment
  • Listen to their ideas sincerely
  • Create a positive culture in the company

It’s the era of purpose economy. This shift is disrupting industries. To be successful in this era, you have to be conscious about creating value through your work.

Create Positive Work Culture






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