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Do you know what we do for a living? We collaborate with growing companies and help them create positive culture in their workplace. Positive workspaces result in creating connected & passionate teams. We share a lot of HR & culture related information articles, blog posts, newsletter on a regular basis. These articles throw light on creative & sustainable HR ideas & strategies for start-ups, small & medium-sized companies, and entrepreneurs that have remote teams.

Most of my matter and ideas are well researched, worked on for a long time, tested and then shared on my blog. I share a lot of my matter (ideas & techniques) for free on the blog as I strongly believe in my purpose of creating positive culture in workspaces. We want more entrepreneurs to be exposed to the idea and importance of culture and understand how it affects their company performance. Hence, my blog is a medium through which I spread this awareness. I share ideas on how they can create a positive value based culture.

  • We write a blog post every month
  • We share information article every day
  • We share monthly newsletter containing the month’s best article to read
  • We put in a lot of thought, research, time and effort to create blog posts and to find articles that are worthy of a read and can be implemented easily.

It’s 2017 and I wondered what we wrote last year that really added value. So here is a quick list of articles from 2016 with some notes for you.

We hope this helps you discover an insight you might have missed or find again some technique to solve your culture/HR  problem.




  • And the payroll cost led to the death of a company

It’s a common problem that I see in growing companies. The payroll cost is often 50% of the company’s revenues and this leads to a host of problems. Companies’ start struggling and entrepreneurs end up taking pay cuts as they don’t take notice of the payroll cost. This article shares light on the effect of payroll and revenue ratio and how to keep the payroll cost in check.



  • Shades of grey

 No two companies are the same. This article is a great read to understand how an ideal culture may not be suitable for a particular company and how we influence culture through our thought process. Post also shares ideas on how to understand the DNA of your company and create culture accordingly.



  •  Should I let a high performer leave?

Entrepreneurs/MD’s often ask me: “should I let a high performer leave and under what circumstances? What are the repercussions and how to deal with it? This post gives the solution to this complex problem in a simple way



  • How work transformation can be a game changer for small companies

A short post on how collaborative culture can really help your company to reach at the top of the game. If you follow the steps and concepts given in the post sincerely, it can be a game changer.



  • Why learning should be integral to the culture of the company

Read how learning culture can help you control attrition, increase work productivity and inspire team members. The post also shares 8 steps to create a learning culture in the company. It’s a short & effective post



  • Don’t call them employees!

One of my personal favorites from the year.  It is one of those rare topics that’s not been covered. The post sheds light on how the word employee can lead to demotivation. The words we use impact us in a big way. This post covers how the word employee can lead to a host of HR problems.



  •   Return of the prodigal intern

Most companies hire interns but are clueless on how to handle them. Companies take on interns but do very little to utilize their capabilities. In the process they lose out on the rich resource of interns. For a growing company, internship program is one of the most productive programs. In this post, we have shared good insights on how companies can use internship program to their advantage and mutually add value to the interns work life as well



  • The (UN) balanced work life

A sharp post on the issues we face in the society because of stressful work cultures and how companies likes your’s can help solve it



  • 3 mistakes you don’t want to make

Companies often make these 3 common mistakes year after year that affects the growth & performance of the company. Read this post to understand the 3 mistakes and steps to overcome them.




These are some of my top picks from the articles that I have shared on a regular basis.


  • 5 Of the Most Creative Recruiting Campaigns

This article covers real examples of creative recruitment campaigns used by companies. It’s worth a read.



  • Why innovative companies like Google are letting employees craft their own jobs

A new technique called job crafting is being used by companies like Google. More employees are mapping out ways to make their jobs more meaningful, and it’s making them happier and more effective.



  •   4 ways to build a human company in the age of machines

This is an interesting TED talk. In the face of artificial intelligence and machine learning, we need a new radical humanism, says Tim Leberecht. He talks about designing organizations and workplaces that celebrate authenticity instead of efficiency and questions instead of answers.



  •   43 company culture improvement ideas (That Actually Work)

Company culture is shaped through your daily work rituals. Improving your company culture requires regular work. It takes a little effort to get going, but after a while you won’t notice how natural improving your culture becomes. The article talks about 43 actionable ideas to improve your company culture:



  • CEOs need to pay attention to employer branding

In this global economy, there is a growing concern about finding and keeping the best talent to achieve companies growth. How do you win in this war of talent? It’s about time, leaders’ start focusing on their company’s employer brand. The post covers the what, why and how of employer branding.



  •   Why Zenefits took a tip from Zappos to try to turn the company around

Some companies are offering severance packages to individuals and asking them to leave the company. They take this route to maintain a strong culture and keep only those employees who suit the company culture. Does this concept work? And how are companies like Zappos & Zenefit dealing with this? This post covers all the details with examples.



  •   Build a knowledge-sharing culture with Lightning talks in six easy steps

Most of my posts talk about knowledge sharing sessions. I totally believe in the power of continuous learning. And when I heard of the lightning talks – I had to share it with you. Lightning talks are a perfect solution for the busy corporate teams who have little time for learning and sharing. Lightning talks are 5-15 minutes presentations that help in knowledge sharing. This article puts down 6 easy steps to build a knowledge sharing culture with lightning talks.



The Work

This is what we do. We analyze, create ideas & techniques, conduct research, test and share with you only the best stuff to help you deal with the struggles of managing a team as your company grows.

We make this stuff because we see companies (like you) struggle with this and want to really help you by making the base strong.  We chase down these ideas and bombard you with easy to use techniques because we want you to have a strong team and a happy workspace.

Thanks for reading, commenting, sharing and being a part of our story. . Here’s to many more years of creating positive workspaces.


Create a positive culture.

Gauri Palekar









































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