The (UN) balanced work life



It was a picture of a 30 year old married man. He worked for a media company at a high position.  He worked for 6 days a week, for more than 10 hours. His clients adored him and he was the blue eyed boy of the company. He would leave his house at 8:00 am & return by 9:30 pm .He was the envy of his team as he always got the highest increment  & was due for a fast promotion. His colleagues described him as an ambitious, calm & a workaholic young man.

This man was on the front pages of all the tabloids. No. he wasn’t on one of the elite top 30 under 30,or the budding star lists, he was on the list of criminals.

How could such an ambitious, educated, well to do man commit a heinous crime like this? It was a question that lingered in everyone’s mind? Yet there it was- He had killed his wife out of rage.

This man’s work life represented  a normal working individual’s life – dealing with stress in work & personal life, no work life balance, work calls that go on till 12:00 am & work whatsapp messages that buzz at 3:00 am. Sudden work calls that keeps one occupied on holidays and  glued to the laptop at a movie theater or a party.

We spend more than 50 hours of our 168 hour week working. . When you spend that much time doing something it affects your life one way or another

Studies show that only 13 percent of people actually like their work. You might not hate your job, but being at a job you tolerate or are neutral to still has a profound effect on your life.

Crazy work hours, cut throat competition, job insecurity, and office politics results into frustration, low tolerance levels and other emotional instability. All these negative emotions pent up inside act as a force that affects the surroundings, family life and social life.

In a work environment of tremendous work pressure,  where the bosses & colleagues  are constantly bickering, are rude, not appreciative of work -results into a passive aggression in an individual. She/he may mask themselves at workplace & rarely show their negative emotions. They may appear calm & normal on the face but deep down there is a fight. This fight affects them in their personal & social life. It leads to uncontrollable rage, anxiety & depression. The emotions eventually erupt like a volcano and  lead to situations like that of a 30 year old man killing his wife.

We are at a tipping point. I constantly come across individuals who are frustrated in their work life, young people who have no personal life. They blame it on the economy, competition, work place & the times that demand such a behavior .  But as entrepreneurs let’s question ourselves- are we creating the right environment for the teams that work with us?  We have long broken away from the practice of slavery but yet I see companies who treat their employees as mere workers who are expected to work beyond their capabilities because they are being paid.

It is a vicious circle and a small change can make a big difference. A positive change in the workplace can have a positive effect on an individual and in turn on the society. A workplace with a positive culture will create happy & satisfied individuals. These individuals in turn will be more tolerant in their personal life.

Companies, whether a start-up or a big established setup need to recognize that a negatively influenced work life affects the society. A positive workplace will ensure excellent performance, loyalty, good human beings and will eventually lead to more positive emotions.

It’s about time for companies to recognize the negativity in the workplace and make a change.  Creating positive work culture is the only way to move ahead. So take this as a challenge and contribute to the society by making your workplace more positive.

Take the responsibility to make your workplace more positive and create amazing teams #createpositiveworkculture  (click to tweet)

PS: If you agree with my thoughts and feel the same, do share it in your circle  and create more awareness about positive work culture .



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