How work transformation can be a game changer for small companies

In a place where work is considered to be just that, disrupting the corporate style can empower companies with a tool that can be a game changer  



Corporate meetings, long work hours, crazy work schedules, competition, colleagues, in time out time, employee ids etc. pretty much sums up a corporate life.

Work life has become synonymous with corporate life and corporate life is synonymous with effort, frustration and transaction.  Some individuals get tired of the rat race and leave to follow their passion and freedom. Rest are stuck in the corporate world to eke out a living by taking annual holidays and spending the rest of their lives complaining. One would not think of spending 20 to 40 years of their life this way, yet there it exists.

Four years ago I lived a corporate life so I am completely aware of the frustrations that a corporate life has. Lack of work satisfaction, little time for pursuing hobbies, erratic work times are some but few spin offs of a corporate life. ‘Welcome to the corporate world’ said my experienced work colleagues. I hardly felt welcomed and definitely dint want to be a part of it. I had no intentions of living my life this way and that’s when I decided to start my journey of creating positive work spaces by changing the way human capital is managed and engaged.

Companies conduct activities, picnics, parties and provide other perks as a way of motivation, but it only lasts for as much time as these activities. It does nothing to raise the team’s combined cheer.

What companies require is a transformation -From meetings to conversations, from being colleagues to being friends, from being authoritative to being collaborative

Workplace should transform itself into an ecosystem, where individuals work in tandem with each other to create value. Individuals should be able to design and execute their work in a way that suits their capabilities and the company’s objectives. Value is created when there is transformation at both ends, employees who learn and evolve and company who benefits from this learning and evolution of employees.

Only when companies start engaging employees in a more direct way will the employees connect with the company in more positive ways.

Studies show that individuals perform relentlessly and happily

  1. When they are a part of a cause that they believe in
  2. There is positivity in the workplace &
  3. They have the freedom to work according to their capabilities


The concept of work needs to be changed. Companies need to transform  work life. Only shared purpose and seeing positive results of contribution can create ties between people that will last forever. Instead of corporatizing work, companies should transform into eco- systems of different functions, where employees are the owners of their own processes and role. Value is created when work is done with passion. Performance is high when there is connect with the work and companies succeed when they have a team that is high on passion and performance.

Ecosystem will create a transformation that will help companies achieve its objectives. It will give employees the needed freedom, purpose, and create a positive way of working.

Create an idea culture.




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