The wizard of Purpose



Earlier this week, I heard a young man talk about his love for sports and how he had invented a new sport that represented India. He captivated the entire audience with the details of his work and the crowd was enthralled with the invention, specially  from a man of such a simple background who had absolutely no help from anyone.

This was on TV, I stumbled upon a channel that was running a show on individuals who had done great work in the area of social service but had not got any recognition. The show was about recognizing and appreciating the good work done. They were simple people from simple background and yet had achieved so much in life that was worth cheering.

This got me thinking. What makes an individual work so relentlessly that they care not for appreciation or help. How are these individuals so internally motivated that nothing stops them and they turn every hindrance into an opportunity. In fact the ultimate task result is the only reward they look forward to & they ask for nothing in return.

This kind of internal motivation sounds unbelievable, right ? . Infact, It sounds completely unreal. But they have a secret, A secret that helps them to stay focused and motivated .

Their secret is that they are bound by a strong PURPOSE. They have a clear purpose and defined goals. They are so over- whelmed by it, that they crave for nothing else other than working towards that purpose.They have an intense desire to pursue their goal with an unquenchable thirst. They exhibit an emotional connect with the goal and breathe only when it is achieved. This purpose helps in establishing the emotional connect and the passion for work.

Purpose is one of the most powerful yet rarely used tools of engagement in work place. What companies need to focus on  is to inspire employees rather than motivate them, and only a strong purpose will help in inspiring individuals & teams.

“The most important thing is to inspire people, so that they can be great in whatever they want to do”  – Kobe Bryant.

But how often do companies think of inspiring their team ? Most companies when they start, plan everything but miss out on defining company’s purpose. Purpose is much more than mission and vision. It is why a company exists ? What is the philosophy of the company ?


  • Starbuck’s purpose is to inspire the human spirit.
  • Zappos’s purpose is delivering happiness

These companies ensure that their purpose is shared with employees and all the other stake holders.   Having a purpose is good but a shared purpose is what causes miracles. Lot of companies have their purpose and vision documented on the company website or in their business plan , but it is rarely shared with the team. A purpose that is not shared is as good as not having it.

The only way to inspire employees is by sharing a common purpose. It connects an individual emotionally with the company . An emotional connect is the only way an individual becomes passionate about work and works to his/her full capabilities.

  • So if you feel your employees are not proactive,
  • if your clients refuse on speaking with your team ,
  • if you think your team lacks the required performance level

Then your company lacks a shared purpose.

“Purpose inspires individuals & ideas, & Ideas inspire change. “

Create an idea culture .


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