The unpopular HR world

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  • They give us a number & take our name away
  • They give us money & take our time away
  • They give us parties, events & take our weekends away
  • They celebrate birthdays & take our lives away

“They” are the HRs.  These are the common complaints by employees.

With each year of my work , I fall more in love with the world of culture in the workplace , finding out what inspires people to work and coming up with creative approach to deal with work issues. To me HR is not just about setting policies, tracking attendance or giving performance ranks. It’s about creating happiness in workplace. It’s about unlocking team’s potential, It’s about ensuring that people are enjoying their work, delivering results & more importantly working with passion.

Let me tell you a small secret. It wasn’t always this way. I considered HR pretty boring. I believed HR was the least creative profession. Considering my love for doing creative stuff, I thought I had chosen the wrong field. I was working for one of the biggest company with the best HR practices and yet I was frustrated as I saw that my efforts as a HR person were making no difference.

I thought HR was the most unpopular& unproductive profession. This was the turning point for me.

So, equipped with ground level experience, I did an extensive research and study in the field of what inspires people to work and how setting culture is the focal point of everything. I realized how HR as a field is the most creative & challenging profession.

HR initiatives are by- products of culture. If a company has a good & strong culture employees will exhibit an attitude and thought process like this –

  • They (HR/company) give us a name –  give us an identity recognized by our work
  • I love spending time at work, they give us work that we love
  • Of course we hang out together on weekends, because we are friends not colleagues
  • We celebrate birthdays & anniversaries because we are a family.

The problem is most HRs adopt best practice processes and implement them in companies without understanding if the processes will suit the company and have a positive effect on the team.

With this clear new understanding, I realized that HR is unpopular because

  • Most introduce HR initiatives without creating strong culture in the company
  • Their focus is not the customer ( what drives, inspires the employees & how the company will gain through this )
  • Assumption that management is always right

It’s not so much about being popular or not, as much as ensuring that you have delivered what your role expects you to.

What we need is a HR revolution. We need to start delivering what is not expected of us, which means over and above our deliverables and that’s when we will become popular as a profession.

We as HR professionals are not here to just cut cakes; we are here to create bloody smashing teams.

Create idea culture in companies.


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