Why saying thank you is good for your company ?

Last month, I suffered from a terrible stomach infection which had me bed bound for a week. Staying indoors and doing nothing is absolutely not my cup of tea so I decided to get out of the house for a long & a quiet walk by the beach. I put on my running shoes and was at the beach by 5:00 pm. As it being a week day I had the pleasure of having the beach to myself. As I was walking, the sound of the crashing waves, chirping birds and light breeze took me to a parallel universe. Suddenly there was a flash of memories and emotions from the past. Memories of people who I had lost touch with came surging back like a new sense. Most of these people who I had come across at some point in my life have given me a positive or a negative experience. These were the experiences that have helped me to grow and develop in life. I am not the same person as I was and each experience has shaped me & made me who I am. Same is true in a corporate scenario. You may have had a lot of stakeholders who would have helped you to reach where you are. Some of them may have left your company or may have been asked to leave but with each person the company has moved ahead and gained something in experience. download We rarely let go of our ego to say a simple hello or a thank you to these people .With this new epiphany that I had, I started thinking about how thankful I was to all the people & situations that have helped me move forward in life. So before getting crushed in the daily routine, I decided to sit down for 10 minutes to make a list of all the people I had lost touch with. With the list made, I started sending a simple thank you note.  I realized it wasn’t difficult to remove time to send a note but what was difficult was to take that step Untitled design With that step taken, I progressed some more towards my goal. It opened a window of opportunities and in fact gave me a kick that helped me recover sooner. I can only imagine how productive it would be to do this in a corporate scenario. For those who are reading this article, do follow these 3 steps and let me know how it went

  1. Take 10 minutes out of your schedule and make a list of all the people ( employees, vendors, clients etc.) who were associated with you
  2. Send a small thank you note without asking for any kind of favour &
  3. Lastly, smile and feel inspired.

Only a positive culture will help you achieve your company’s purpose.

Keep ideating



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