Confessions and conversations

My loneliness was getting to me. Boredom was swallowing my spirit and I was feeling helpless. I wanted to run away, far away and live a new life. I promised myself this would be the last day of feeling so despondent.

There was no way I could feel so feeble, sluggish & lonely. I let my head fall in my palms, hands on my knees and closed my eyes.  Slowly memories of my college days flashed. I had lot of friends, people I would meet every day and go out. I had an active social life. Going out and meeting friends was as natural as staying at home and talking with family



Then slowly everything changed. Work & marriage took over most of my friends. Some shifted out of the country and the others shifted town. The few who were left behind were lost in their house work, office work, lost in kids or in their regular chores .Suddenly, all my friends were away and my social life had gone down.

Why is socializing so important you may ask? Because it helps in enhancing personality, broadens our thought process and helps us shape our perspective in life.

The phenomenon is the same at work life. If you have no initiatives that help teams interact and socialize with each other, it will leave your team dead from inside. The loneliness will kill them and boredom will render them unproductive. It will eventually result in them leaving the organization. Most people love working in silos, but a 10 minute interaction with a colleague will liven up the day and charge you up instantly. Moreover, as a CEO or an owner of the company you should make it a regular practice to meet your employees for 10 minutes every day.

“A simple hello can lead to a million ideas”.

A mere 10 minutes discussion will help you connect with your team that is far more effective than any other engagement tricks. It will help you understand the issues at the bud and solve them before they become hindrance to the company growth. It will help you build a team of performers.

A famous study done  by Researcher William Fleeson and his colleagues tracked a group of people, every three hours for two weeks, recording how they’d acted and felt during each chunk of time. They found that those who’d acted “talkative” – even if they were introverts were more likely to report feeling positive emotions such as excitement and enthusiasm.

These little things, little conversations will help you create more positivity and enthusiasm in your work culture. It will help you save another team from dying.

Start socializing and start living.

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