The Glimmer Moment

realization-clipart-xTgKLG8ncAs I sit at my desk at the client place and watch the employees work, I can’t help but feel happy about being an entrepreneur. Being an entrepreneur gives me the freedom to choose my work, my work time, and people I work with. The satisfaction that I get from finishing a project gives me a high; it makes me come to life. Sometimes I crave for a team, sipping hot coffee and discussing the mundane office things with them, but it’s just momentary as a realization of happiness dawns on me when I look at my day and know I have lived without having any complaints about work.


A 5 minute conversation with an employee at the client place is enough to make my day come alive, as I know I am working towards achieving my purpose & making a difference for the client.

While sipping hot coffee, I discovered that the formula to a happy work life and high performance is simple. (Coffee always helps ;-))

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A Purpose + Freedom to work independently + Recognition + Flexible work hours = Passion =Satisfaction in work life

Every company wants a team that is pro active and has an entrepreneurial attitude. But do you have the right culture to nurture & develop such a team?

To have employees working pro actively and effectively, you need to create an environment where

  • Employees connect with the purpose of the company
  • They have the freedom to work independently – that means no constant follow ups, believing in them and their performance
  • Not reprimanding them for taking a decision that did not go right ( Let them make mistakes and learn from it )
  • Give them a role that matches their skill set
  • Recognize them regularly for the good work done
  • Let them choose the time when they are most productive to finish the work efficiently &
  • Always serve coffee 🙂

Implementing any one of the ideas  mentioned above will change your work culture in a positive way and you will see a tremendous improvement in the team performance.

So try using these ideas and let me know your feedback. Share your ideas & suggestions in the comment box below

Keep ideating

Gauri .


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