How can instagram help you increase employee performance


Next time you see your employee on his phone accessing instagram, don’t reprimand him, instead ask him to pose with you for a picture to be shared on instagram as it may help in increasing the performance levels in the company.

Instagram, as you know is a social media app, where you can share pictures. Companies are using the app to promote their brands and products visually. Rarely do companies use it as a way to connect and engage with employees. Instagram is a platform where you can share your story visually.  It allows companies to tell a visual story that is engaging.

Engagement levels on instagram are high as most people usually have their phones on them all the time . Stories have a way to connect with people. People feel an emotional connect with a fellow human, company, product etc. when there is a story involved & stories through photos are the fastest way to connect owing to the short attention span. Companies can use this medium of story- telling to their advantage . They can create stories of their work-place and share them on instagram to increase the connect level with their employees.


When employees start sharing visual images on instagram, there is an instant connect he/she feels with the company. The increased connect  leads to a positive feeling that improves the employee performance.

How does Instagram help in creating a winning culture?

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Employees love it when their photos or comments appear on the company’s page. Sharing employees’ pictures on instagram along with hash tags, gives your employee good recognition & puts him under the spot light. It helps in giving the employee a ‘celebrity moment’ that they enjoy.

#Behindthescenes #Funemployees #Bestplacetowork    

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Companies that treat their employees well are much more desirable. Visually seeing employees working, having fun adds credibility to the company’s name. Instagram lets you focus not just on the work, but your company’s personality and lets you share what’s going on at the moment. This will help in attracting new & right talent easily.

#TeamInteraction #FunTeam #HappyWork

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When employees share pictures of team interaction, it helps in an increased team engagement .Meetings can also be made more productive and fun by sharing updates and photos on instagram. Instagram can serve as better alternative to the traditional MOM.

What can you share on instagram related to your workplace ?

  • Give a sneak peak in your office by sharing pictures of  work spaces
  • Share work desk photos
  • Share photos of birthday celebrations, events , meetings etc
  • Share photos of coffee breaks, lunch breaks
  • Group photos during meetings

Share with us your ideas of workplace instagram photos.

Use these ideas and let us know your comments and feedback on the same.

Keep ideating



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