Are Bosses part of the vast right wing conspiracy 

Picture1Vast right wing conspiracy is a term first used by Hillary Clinton to describe the opposition movement, and their bullshit, during her husband Bill Clinton’s presidency. There were many people opposed to Clinton’s progressive ideas and the right-wing segment of the population was trying hard to disrupt his agenda. (Reference:

Opposition & disruption are common terms in the work place, considering that healthy competition in work place has now turned into cut throat competition. Last evening while I was having a conversation with my friends (who work for big corporations), there was one thing that they all had in common and that is – “I hate my boss “syndrome. Most bosses are difficult to handle, tough to interact and give out negative vibes. They are like the right wing segment of people who oppose everything that employees do and have personal agenda in taking credit for all the good work done by the team.


Are bosses really part of the right wing segment that are out there to disrupt the employee performance?

  • Most bosses want to curb the creative thinking process of employees
  • They want to get as much work done from employees without letting them have a work life balance
  • They are seldom open to ideas & suggestions
  • They are first to point out mistakes & last to appreciate good performance
  • They love showing their authority & power &
  • Most importantly they have no respect for subordinates.


Most bosses fall under this category of right segment.  Grades or performance promote an employee to the level of a boss. However, grades or work performance does not justify that an employee is fit to lead a team. These employees who graduate to become bosses have no training in leading or developing a team. They emulate their bosses or they learn from what they observe.

“Bosses are over rated!!” Said my friend, a frustrated employee in a big organization.


Are bosses really over rated?

Bosses are not necessarily leaders who know how to get the employees to give their best and develop them at the same time. Most bosses focus only on getting the work done without giving any importance to employee development or guidance. Hence, there is a common sentiment for bosses across the world – It’s called “I hate my boss “

“Boss as defined in the dictionary is a person who makes decisions, exercises authority, dominates, etc.” (

No one, absolutely no one likes being dominated. This domination leads to low morale, revolt and eventually leads to employee leaving the company.

So, how do we change this culture of domination?

As I mentioned above, we need leaders and not bosses. We need leaders who

  • Know how to get employees to work together as a team for completion of a task
  • Takes personal interest in the work to be finished
  • Takes care of the development of his/her people
  • Listens to ideas & suggestions from the team &
  • One who has followers out of respect & not fear

The best way to develop bosses, who are leaders, is by following these steps:

  • Evaluating the leadership skills of an employee before giving him/her the authority to lead a team
  • Enrolling employees for leadership programs
  • Designing & implementing a proper succession plan &
  • Defining a proper working culture

When you have bosses who are leaders, then all the HR related issues reduce & costs go down. So don’t let your company have bosses who are part of the right wing conspiracy as they will hinder the performance of employees which in turn will hinder the success rate of your company.

Try these Guerilla HR solution for dealing with this conspiracy:

  • Develop leaders and good bosses, by always rewarding them as per the employee votes. Run a competition on giving favorite boss award and use social platforms to promote themGrey1
  • Give them a classic superman figure as an award rather than a trophy or a certificate. The physical award sitting on the desk will motivate them to perform even better as a leader(boss)2051337-3300_a_full

Try these ideas to see a visible change in your work environment. Let me know the result when you start implementing these ideas.

Share your experiences, comments & suggestions on this community of right wing people – The Bosses

Keep ideating



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