How to motivate employees for Under 100$

motivation-clipart-aceaEqEc4Engaging & connecting with employees does not require management to shell out huge amounts of money. They can be motivated by implementing small, simple & fun ideas.

I will show you in 7 steps and in less than 100$ how you can engage your team and increase their level of motivation. Given below are ideas, if implemented will help you to  build an awesome team

images (1)

  1. Employees performs better when they are aware of the purpose of the work. Hence, Share with them and communicate regularly about the vision, values & purpose of the company –   Freevision-board
  2. Put up a vision board/bucket list of employee goals & company goals. Displaying goals visually motivates an individual to achieve faster – 1$ANIMAL_BIRDS
  3. Recognize ( Give a small token as a reward)  & appreciate employees regularly for goals achieved from the bucket list – 32$
    1. Movie tickets
    2. Mugs with choclate
    3. box of cupcakes
    4. Wallets
    5. Half day leave
    6. Full day leavephotography-clip-art-2
  4. Conduct inspiring story sessions where in success stories of the owners or employees are shared. This inspires employees to perform at a higher level –  Freedownload (1)
  5. Allocate few hours of the week as learning hours . Employees should be given at-least 5 hours in a week to learn something new ( reading/ learning/ training ) – 50$  to buy books, conduct internal workshops etc.images
  6. Conduct happiness meets & give public recognition by cheering & clapping for teams that have achieved outstanding performances – Freedownload
  7. Communicate monthly company updates & celebrate birthdays – 17$

The above list of ideas address the pillars of engagement as mentioned below –

  1. To have a purpose at work – Individuals have a need to understand why a particular task is performed and how his/her work contributes to the end product.
  2. Transparency & clear communication – Open communication helps build trust. Every individual wants to share ideas, suggestions and wants to be updated with the company happenings.
  3. Appreciation for the work done – I have mentioned previously and will mention again, appreciation has great power and can help in motivating instantly.
  4. Learning & growth needs – Every individual has a need to grow professionally & personally. Thus, when this need is satisfied, an employee performs at a higher level.

Hope these steps will help you in designing a culture of awesomeness in your team .

Do share your ideas and experiences .

Keep ideating



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