The Hunger Games guide to HR

download (1)Guerrilla HR tip for today is inspired by the movie – Hunger Games.

The movie is about teenagers who are fighting to survive in an environment full of challenges and obstacles. The one who survives is declared as the winner.

Our workplace today is a clear example of hunger games environment where ;

  • Employees are expected to be high performers to survive in the work place
  • There are different ways in which they are challenged & evaluated
  • Non performers are asked to leave & finally
  • Its the survival of the fittest


So how does HR help in an environment like this?

We need to take cues from the  strategies of hunger games to create a winning culture, where there are high performers who feel such a strong connect with the company that they strive to accomplish the company goal.

Hunger games inspired HR guerrilla ideas are –


Sharing Personal Stories

Entrepreneurs /Mangers should use their personal stories to inspire & motivate their employees. People are not moved and motivated by numbers or logic, but by empathy. “If you really want to stay alive, you get people to like you,” says their drunken, traumatized mentor, Haymitch. It’s the first advice he gives to the heroes and a surprising amount of the film’s action revolves around their efforts to win people’s sympathy which results in sponsorships that helps them in their most desperate moments. In a company, this sympathy helps in establishing that connect and motivates the employee to achieve the company goal.

download (3)

Involve employee’s family

Hunger games is screened across the districts and the families are kept aware of what is happening on the show , similarly family members of employees  should be involved and made aware of the company updates, employee work etc. Power and respect comes from an emotional connect .Engaging family engages the needs and interests of the employee which is the fastest way to establish an emotional connect.This way of acquiring and exercising power is far more effective than by force, fear or deception. Involving family helps the family in understanding the work culture and the importance of work. This in turn inspires the employee to perform better.

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When Peeta & katnees win the hunger games, there is a big celebration. They are given social recognition and are treated as celebrities.  Similarly, in the workplace, The company should celebrate every time it accomplishes a goal.Best performers should be given social recognition and they should be appreciated regularly.

 The Hunger Games - Catching Fire-Katniss-and-Peeta

Using employees as brand ambassadors

In the end, Peeta and Katnees are taken around districts to talk about the show and select new players. Similarly, companies should make employees their brand ambassador. They should be made part of the recruitment process. Candidates immediately connect  with a company when their team members talk about the work life rather than the management or owners.

So, go ahead and implement these strategies as this ” Game will change everyone  ”

Keep ideating




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