Why is HR scarier than Tyra Banks

Why is HR scarier than Tyra Banks

I saw this scary image of Tyra banks and suddenly started thinking, if I had to picture archaic HR , maybe it would look like this or scarier than this.

HR processes in companies are normally annual appraisals that everyone dreads or ingenious ways to cut benefits or way too many approvals & processes that are wasteful.  No wonder people hate going to office and hate HR processes.

Most corporate employees believe that company does not take genuine interest in their well being. Rarely do they think appraisals are fair. Training or mentoring does not exist or if they do, they are never favorable and most of them don’t know what is required to move up.

All this results in a work environment where:

  • Frustration levels are high
  • People work only for money
  • They put in no passion or commitment
  • They take up another job that may pay them a rupee higher &
  • They do not feel a sense of belonging

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So what makes HR scary?

I have mentioned earlier and I always refer to it, archaic HR makes work life scary and frustrating. Refer to this post – https://sumanceshr.wordpress.com/2014/06/04/rip-hr/.

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Following are the points that make HR scary, if your company has any of these then you surely need to re think your strategies

  1. Bureaucratic processes: Do you require approvals for everything in your company (from going to the washroom to  talking to your senior ). There are companies that require approvals & rounds of review for everything. These bureaucratic processes hamper creativity and quality of work.  In today’s world, the only way to fight competition and rise to the top is by having the best employees who work to their maximum capabilities. These bureaucratic processes reduce the speed of work, efficiency and lead to frustration.
  1. Appraisals: Appraisals are time consuming and routinely useless – why  I say so? Well, firstly appraisals are done once a year or twice a year, which renders it useless as feedback and evaluation should be on a regular basis to improve the quality of work.  Employees are always dissatisfied with appraisals or with the increment attached with the appraisals. Thus, appraisals only leads to demotivation  & disengagement
  1. Jargons: Companies are full of HR jargons like PMS (performance management system), succession planning, retention ratio etc. This leads to complex models and initiatives. These complex models add to more confusion in the workplace
  1. Rules: Having rules for everything makes HR very scary. Rules for drinking tea, eating lunch, talking to your colleague or going to the washroom. For every rule made, there is an equal and opposite reaction of revolt, and revolt definitely does not add anything  towards a positive work environment.

These are some of the old processes that make HR scary and workplace unbearable.  What is required is a workplace built on strong values, purpose and a goal that is transparent and shared with the entire team.

Is your workplace scary too?

Let me know if you have any more scary HR processes in your company that you think should be changed.

Kindly share any ideas or suggestions that you may have in the comments below

Keep ideating



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