Culture book v/s Policy manual

fight-clipart-boys_fightingYou start a company, hire people and build a team . Once you have a team, u either get an HR policy manual from the internet (no brainer, there is everything on the net) or you find a friend in HR and request him/her to help you with the HR manual.

For most of you , having HR manual in place means having well established HR processes and a belief that employees will be self motivated to perform. However, Then starts all the HR problems such as employees leaving within one year of joining, employees not capable of handling projects on their own , employees are hired at a salary higher than the performance they can deliver and in the bargain you  have to monitor all the projects and carry out day to day activities that leaves you with no time to concentrate on business growth. Lets not forget ,how all  clients want to talk to You and not your employees . You hired a team  to take the workload of you so that you could concentrate on company  growth  and may be take a vacation ( at least for a week ) without being worried about work  . However, now the situation is such, that you cant even call in sick.

HR manual, policy book, rules to be followed, are not the answers to solving these problems and dealing with these fears.  Every company needs to build a strong culture right from the beginning so that the culture forms a strong base as the team grows.

So what’s the difference between culture book and policy manual?


All of us hate rules & restrictions and we always figure out ways to break the rules, employees do the same.  Policies and rules create more negativity in workplace than helping employees perform better .  They are necessary to maintain a decorum but it should be limited to basic dos and don’ts. Moreover, if you treat your employees like adults , there will be no need for a policy booklet

A strong culture helps solve all employee issues and brings out the best performance in an employee. Therefore, It’s time for companies  to recognize the importance of a culture at an early stage

Do read the below article on how a small company Zappos succeeded by building a strong culture at the workplace

Do share thoughts, ideas and views on this article.

Because ideas alone can build a culture and a good workplace


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