Karaoke HR – in easy 7 steps !!

downloadTo build an awesome workplace does not always require you to shell out huge amounts of money – just some different, creative thinking can do the trick. Last night I had been for a karaoke night. The place was high on energy and buzzing with enthusiasm. Strangers were cheering each other and no one cared if their singing performance was poor. There was only one agenda – To have fun.

Imagine if we could replicate the same environment at our workplace where

  • Colleagues are always cheering each other while working
  • Employees are encouraged to perform higher and better and are not insulted &
  • Finally smiling & laughing through the day –

A workplace like this would have productivity at the highest.

So,in my effort to create a workplace like this, i have listed these 7 easy steps to set the karaoke – HR in your company to have that extra dose of productivity  


  1. Play soft music to lighten the stressful work environment
  2. clip-art-dancing-147970They say dancing improves health, keeps you fit and it also increases motivation level , so how about scheduling an after hour dance learning sessions (All in one )download (1)
  3. Cheering for an employee who’s given an awesome performance, by making him/her stand in the center and clapping for themdownload (2)
  4. Conducting “get inspired” sessions by senior employees  who can share their work life experiencesimages (1)
  5. Ensuring that every employee who enters and exits the company has a positive interactionnew-years-party-md
  6. Treating employees as friends and planning a movie/ eating out/pubbing   &kids_together
  7. Finally ensuring that you are having fun while doing all this

These small things will go a long way for a company and will help build a team of loyalists which in turn will ensure high performance in the workplace


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