Not just another brick in the wall

We don’t need no psychometric tests, we don’t need no competency models..

All we need is a good working environment, love for work and loads of fun …

All we need is weekday to be our weekend and Monday to be our Friday

We don’t need no cabins, we don’t need no cubicles

All we need is expression of our opinion and

Decisions on logic and no suppression

All in all we don’t want to be just another brick in the wall

We want to build the company and grow with it

                                                             –  Employee


We, as HR fraternity have come up with lot of complex models giving attention to detail and in the bargain have forgotten the core and the simple philosophy of how to connect employee with the company. Connecting in a way that they start to think of the company as their own and company goal becomes their goal that they strive to achieve.  

The biggest issue every company faces is to turn average performing employee or dysfunctional team into high performers. For this. they engage in complex & process driven models in which companies invests a lot of money with very little return on investment.


If you talk to employees, study the fast growing companies, you will figure that there are few and simple things, if done in the right manner will help you get the best out of your employees .

Some of the simple and basic things every employer should do are :

  • Building a positive culture in the workplace
  • Inspiring the employees by constantly sharing how the company was founded and where the company wants to go
  • Continuous interaction with employees ( taking suggestions, opinions, casual discussions)
  • Recognizing & appreciating employees for the smallest work that they do well
  • Giving continuous feedback on the work done
  • Having a common lunch or tea break ( where the entire team sits together and talks )


These may seem too trivial and simple but the impact these activities will have will be big and positive. Something as common as having lunch together may just seem like an ordinary employee engagement activity, but the logic behind this is, it increases communication between team members which in turn increases camaraderie and eventually leads to a high performing team. So, don’t shy away from using these simple  guerrilla activities to build the best team to achieve your dream.


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