Crush the Monday Blues – in 5 fun steps


resized_jack-laugh-1-meme-generator-happy-freakin-monday-c47492Crush the damn Monday blues in 5 fun steps 

1. Start your day with a scene from a movie that inspires you ( For eg: brave heart, Senna, Rush ) 

2. Listen to your favorite piece of music that gives you a high 



3. Leave thank you notes for your colleagues – their smile will brighten your day 

bigstock_Thank_you_card_many_languages_77966814. Read a strip of Calvin & Hobbes during lunch and laugh a little 

download (1)
5. Make that travel plan and itenary for the trip that you have been thinking of taking for a long time 

These 5 steps will help you beat the Monday blues and lift your mood. You will be charged up and rearing to go. 

Let me know if you tried this and share your ideas of beating the Monday blues .

Have a happy and bright week 🙂


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