4 workmen – A game@ workplace


I always talk about gaming as a part of work life, so when I was reading the book pop goes the weasel; I suddenly got this idea of 4 workmen – a game at the workplace; that is turning your work into a game.

If you think about it, we always enjoy playing a good game, a game with a story-line, good characters and good milestones.  As a team, if the entire work plan is turned in to a game plan, the work monotony and boredom will disappear and you will start enjoying your everyday work.

Well, I am not asking you to be brutal like Mr. Shaefer  ( the main character) . However, you can use the strategy in your daily work life – to make it a tad bit exciting.

When you turn your work into a game it becomes interesting and monotony reduces. It adds a little spice to the ordinary life, lets you take control of the work that you do and  gives you  the excitement to finish each day with a sense of achievement, isn’t that the perfect work life.



So how do you play the 4 workmen at work?

  1. Give a name to your game ( for the daily work that you do )
  2. Identify a story line ( from production stage to the delivery stage)
  3. Give characters to your team , i.e.; boss, team members , clients, HR etc
  4. Identify the game plan and milestones/ stages in the game ( mile stones/stages are important )
  5. Don’t forget to reward yourself when you win the milestones ( rewards is what will keep you going)

For eg:  You could use the idea of “Avengers” and turn your team members into different characters like,  iron man, Hulk, Nick fury etc. You could devise a plan like how they devise to achieve the end goal ; yours could be to deliver your end service to the client . Identify the stages in your game plan and rewards for the same.

Do try the 4 workmen concept and let me know your comments and story line. It’s always good to try something new, something different.





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