HR disruption through graffiti

graffitiI talked about the idea culture in my previous post. If you haven’t read it, I recommend you to read the post here, (

What better way than to implement the disruption through art (graffiti)

To implement idea culture, we could use some guerrilla HR techniques. (If you haven’t read the post of guerrilla HR, I suggest you to do it right away:

One of the guerrilla HR ideas that you can use to inspire, motivate your team and bring a change at work is by using the art form of Graffiti.

Graffiti – the rebel art form, you may ask?

Yes, Indeed!

The same art form can be used to channelize positivity and emotions of employees.

You can involve all the employees together to plan & execute the art work. This activity helps connecting employees of different department on the same project. This is the perfect way to increase camaraderie, creativity and connect.


This will help

  • Increase creativity of employees who have probably never tried their hand at painting
  • Will help spread message of your company – that you value creativity & team spirit
  • Gives a sense of oneness – when everyone is involved & engrossed in the activity
  •  Makes walls attractive, lively & interactive – thus giving employees a chance to speak with each other, increase interaction & improve the camaraderie
  • Brings positive energy – with smiles, enthusiasm and energy that employees share while doing the graffiti.

A simple graffiti – can change the attitude of your team. Your employees will feel enthusiastic to walk into the office to an awesome graffiti wall with the effort of the entire team together, and the same will reflect in their interaction with their clients

Small things likes these will lead to big changes in your team and eventually in your business.



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