FIFA Fever with some beer !!


With the FIFA fever on, with everyone glued to their TV screens, with sleepless nights after long hours of work , the enthusiasm is on an all-time high . the energy is contagious .

Only if we could capture this energy at work , we would conquer the entire market with ease. 

Good news is that we can capture this enthusiasm by following the FIFA way.

Before we start, First things first, screen the match, grab some beers , have fun together and start with the FIFA Fever,


F – freedom – there was this dialogue from movie brave heart (awesome movie, watch it if you haven’t already) that says “titles, power will earn you respect but you give people their freedom and they will follow you forever”.  Create an environment where your team will follow you and not just respect you out of fear. Give them the freedom to perform, freedom to plan their work and freedom to make judgments & decisions

I – interest – take interest in the goals of the team , what they aim for and where there passion lies. Help them achieve their goal. Learn and continuously learn about your team to connect with them 

F – family – be like a family . create a culture with strong values that everyone can abide by. Know your team, by remembering their personal milestones ( now-a-days you have apps that will help you with it )  & wish them. Most importantly,remember to celebrate every milestone your company achieves.

A – attitude– have the right attitude with the team . do not shout at an associate in front of everyone , it’s the biggest demotivator and cause for exit, remember mistakes are bound to happen ( humans afterall) . know how to deal with it & work out a way together.

Remember to treat your team as you would treat your customer in turn your team will treat the clients in the same way you treat them.

So , gear up, follow the FIFA fever

Gulp down some beer &

Get ready to get an awesome workplace & success for the company . cheers!!


so which team are you rooting for ?



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