3 (No Rules) to a charged up team

Not HR jargons but – 3 (No rules) to a charged up team


no rule


Jargons & big words are always used while addressing the issue of employee performance. How much of these things really help and make a difference?

There are 3 simple things, which if you implement, will help you build a charged up team with high performance work culture.

You don’t have to spend exorbitant amount on perks and other fancy things to get your team motivated.

Associates (employees)  are adults and they like it when you treat them like one.  An adult always likes to have the freedom & control to some extent.  The only way to increase the level of performance is when the associate establishes a connect with the company. Below mentioned are the 3 points that will help in establishing that connect

3 (No Rules) to a charged up team

Relax the dress code


Seriously, how does a dress code help you in establishing any discipline? You can keep the basic rules of no shorts and singlet, but having a detailed policy written on dress code will make you look like those sucky strict principal from high school (And you are not running a school). Unless, you have clients walk in your office every day, you need not keep a dress code. Let your team wear whatever they think is comfortable. A relaxed dress code gives a sense of freedom & relaxed mind-set and a defined dress code gives a sense of “the company does not trust my judgement” and has rules on everything. When you give this freedom, there is an instant connect that is established.

Good food

They say “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. This is so true in the corporate scenario as well. Treat your team to some good food every day and you will see the change in the attitude of the team. It really helps to serve lunch, snacks, tea, coffee etc. either at subsidized rates or for free. This investment of yours will go a long way. You will suddenly see the happiness quotient rise and in turn this will increase the loyalty factor

 Open work hours


As I had mentioned in my previous post, 48 working hours came into existence for labour work. Today, most of our work is strategic or design related. This requires lot of thinking, creativity and focus. We cannot live by the primitive rule of 8 to 9 hours of continuous work with 1 hour of lunch break. You need to give associates the freedom of open work hours, where they can choose how they want to work and the number of hours they can finish their work in, considering that they complete the work on time and achieve the mutually agreed goal. Productive hours for each person vary, hence let the associate decide when  his/her schedule is most productive. At the end of the day all we want is a happy client, and till the time that happens, absolute control  on time is not necessary.  Open work hours will establish the trust factor within the team and the team will be more motivated to complete the task.

This NO RULE booklet in your company will help you build a team that is completely charged up to perform  to achieve your company goal.


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