Quite a bold statement right, Why not?  When the times require you to be edgy to succeed, out-dated HR culture is not going to help you grow.

Performance appraisals, 8 hours’ work shift, job descriptions etc., are processes that are primitive. Big companies follow these to the core and small companies emulate the big companies.

Result: dissatisfied employees, increase in number of people leaving, low performance and overall negative environment

Numerous blogs and consultants advise SME owners on managing finances, operations etc. (which is required). However, one  thing that separates a company from just developing cool products/services to becoming the fastest growing company – is the importance of building a team and managing them well.

Archaic processes do not work in this age; hence there is a need for change.

A company starts with an idea, but grows with people. If a company wants to accelerate its growth, it needs to use a different idea (design) to manage people in the best way

There is a need to change from HR culture to idea culture

Lot of companies are moving in this direction and have achieved the result of being the fastest growing companies and million dollar companies.

E.g.: Zappos, Virgin Company, south west airlines, Air B&B, Motleyfool finance company etc. are few examples.

Your goal as a business owner is to become the fastest growing company.

Let’s see how this can be achieved with reference to the team

  • How to become the fastest growing company

By increasing clients & making more profits

  • How to increase clients & make more profits

By doing more client development and focussing only on strategic planning

  • How to do more client development and focus on strategic planning

When employees start handling things independently and take ownership for the same without being told what to do

  • How will employees start handling things independently and take ownership for the same

This will happen when they feel connected with the company, feel valued and treat the company as their own.

Only idea culture will ensure that your team feels one with the company.


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