Avengers – War of performance


Hulk, Captain america, Iron man , Thor, etc, all came together in Avengers to fight against Loki. Their goal was to save earth. If we had to put this in the corporate scenario, Had Nick fury used all the corporate processes, how different would the entire situation be.

As per the legacy , there would be a performance appraisal for all these superheros. Their manager would sit them down and explain how well they have done in their past performance and what improvements they needed. Based on these things, they would be rated and given roles in the ultimate fight.

However, it dint work that way. Every super hero in Avengers used their strength and played the role accordingly to succeed in the ultimate mission.

We as HR fraternity need to re look at the fundas we use in performance appraisal.The process is discouraging and demotivating most of the times, than being useful. I have said it in the past, & i will keep repeating, we need to change the archaic processes as they are no more relevant in today’s world .


Reviews and appraisals are needed, but the way of executing it needs to be changed. Taking a cue from Avengers, We have to give a common goal to all the employees to which they can relate . They have to be so connected with the goal, that they would fight for it as if it is their goal.

Adding a dash of fun is the only way employees will remain excited & charged up to work towards the goal.

This can be done by making the entire appraisal system in to a game. They can be given badges, points etc when they cross a particular milestone. There are various ways in which performance appraisals can be made fun, useful & something that employees will enjoy too.  Its just a matter of thinking differently and allowing the change to happen.

We all have super heroes in the workplace, But we need a Nick fury to channel them and lead them .


One thought on “Avengers – War of performance

  1. Very well written and extremely relevant to the current status of managing appraisals in most companies. A process which should act as a motivating factor more often than not has an opposite effect as most managers end up treating it as just something to get over with. Many employees in a lot of companies feel that this entire discussion is irrelvant as the outcome is decided before hand! Once again, kudos on wording this so well!

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