Lights… Camera… Action… Blockbuster


A company is like a movie – that wants to become a blockbuster and wants to cast A level actors.

A movie becomes a blockbuster, when they have the best people working and executing the entire idea that is conceptualized by the director .

Similarly, a company with a million dollar idea needs the best team to execute the idea, and building best team is the biggest challenge an entrepreneur faces.


Top performers,like top actors are always in demand. They find opportunities even in bad market conditions. Hence, companies should take extra care in managing employees.

Today’s workplace needs to be managed differently. There is a need for fresh and new ways to create work culture.


My love for art, and doing things differently has forced me to think of ways that will help in making corporate a little less corporate and making the so called negative workplace more fun and positive not by having Google like amenities but by small and different ideas that deal directly with the psychology of employees.

This helps to create positivity and fun in the work place – that in turn helps the company  to become the block buster for all the coming years.


The HR processes followed are processes that have been going on since a long time and are based more on rule making and negativity. These need to be changed and thought through in a different light



  • Policies – these are rules and regulations telling employees what to do and what not to do
  • Performance appraisal – tells employees whether they are good performers or bad performers, thereby branding employees as winners and losers.
  • Processes – some of the processes denote that there is no trust in the employees, and hence, employees never find a connect with the company.

These need to be relooked at. These processes do not help in establishing a connect between the employee and the company and hence small companies struggle in the execution phase. Companies , especially small sized companies need to focus more on building a team that is highly skilled in execution that will help in reaching the glimmer moment


Plz leave your comments/ideas/ suggestions on what you think about the views expressed.


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