Wine… Coffee & employees

Like most of you, I love wine and coffee.

And just the other day when I was sipping on coffee, I realized that if a company culture is a mix of wine + coffee – it will be the best company to work for. It will be the perfect culture mix for all the generations ,pleasing the Gen Y and taking care of Gen X too ( there’s too much written about Gen Y and Gen X  and their different needs & behaviour ) 



Wine – represents power and elegance 



Coffee – represents connection. It enables a person to discover the other person. It becomes an opportunity to communicate thoughts to others. 



A combination of wine and coffee means having the power and elegance yet connecting with others and establishing a culture of open communication of thoughts, ideas and views.

The Company culture needs to be a combination of this. Maintain the elegance and power yet connect with the team (employees) and give them an opportunity to express their views and ideas.

 Establish a   coffee wine culture. Coffee+ Wine does not mean you have to grab a glass of wine or cup of coffee (though it will be preferable ;-)). But it means, giving at least 10 minutes of your time every day to talk to your team who is working with you.

You will be amazed with the difference it will make. Just a 10 minutes conversation with your employee will give you a perspective on things that you would have never thought of. It will give you different business ideas or ways to increase your existing business.

Lot has been talked about connection, motivation etc. However, give this a try and spend 10 minutes each day from your busy schedule to talk to your team and see the difference.

This 10 minutes conversation also helps employees to feel connected with the company and helps in getting more out of them

As they say when wine goes in strange things come out – you will see strange (in a good way ) things come out during this 10 minutes conversation. 


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