Small businesses – Reach your glimmer moment

You pride yourself for out of the box thinking. But when it comes to managing your people, age old processes or HR processes are implemented. In such a scenario how do you expect employees to give their best?


  • Your company does not need boring policies & processes to streamline activities and manage your team. There are fun & creative ways of managing teams and streamlining processes
  • Do you always read the entire manual word to word that comes with your electronic items?? How do you expect employees to read boring, monotonous policy manual and follow it with enthusiasm & excitement
  • What’s your goal setting for – so that the company reaches to the top and employees help you reach there, but employees care a damn about the performance appraisal, so why have the age old process
  • Is induction for getting the new person excited about joining your company or is it to bore him to death and give him an impression of how boring his days are going to be

These are few but some reasons why employees dislike coming to work or giving their best performance.

  • If you require your employees to give something different to the clients
  • If you want your employees to connect with your clients so that they keep coming back ,

 Isn’t it time for you to connect with them, give them something different – so that they keep coming back to you and give their best.

After all employees are your internal customers – and if you want to differentiate your company you need to differentiate the way you manage your people.

In the comments below, let me know if you have any particular examples, issues or any thing that you would like to share , because together we can create the idea culture 🙂 

Start now – start the idea culture 



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