Guerrilla HR

guerrilla HRSo we have all heard of guerrilla marketing – In which low-cost unconventional ideas are utilized to promote an idea or a product. Now everyone pays a lot of attention to marketing of the product (which is very important). However, quite often entrepreneurs do not pay attention to the most important resource that they own – that can be their brand ambassadors – Their Team – their people or in corporate language employees.

In a day and age where entrepreneurs are finding the best & creative minds, isn’t it logically required that these brains are also treated and developed with different ideas that can motivate them to give their best at work.

Lot of times, people leave the company not for the work they do, but for the culture that is there in the company or for the processes that are there.

Times have changed, generations have changed and there is a need for change in the way HR is managed too.

There is a need for guerrilla HR – unconventional, low cost ideas that would excite the employees and employers alike and get the best result.


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