The art of creating genius teams

  It’s an ordeal every entrepreneur faces – The struggle of getting proactive employees, The struggle of getting an employee who goes over and beyond and the struggle of getting an employee who works with passion and energy. The conundrum of having a genius on the team A genius, as you know is a person […]

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A Fruit Seller’s Fable

    One sunny afternoon I walked down to the nearest coffee shop to grab myself a cup of hot coffee. While I sat there sipping on my coffee, I saw this young boy selling fruits on the side of the street.  He was about 16 years old and was giving every 30 year old fruit […]

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The (UN) balanced work life

  It was a picture of a 30 year old married man. He worked for a media company at a high position.  He worked for 6 days a week, for more than 10 hours. His clients adored him and he was the blue eyed boy of the company. He would leave his house at 8:00 […]

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